Medicamentos especializados

Specialty drugs are usually injectable, oral, or inhaled drugs. They are used to treat chronic conditions such as multiple sclerosis, growth deficiencies, hepatitis C, and cancer. They also require special storage and handling.

Specialty Pharmacy Program

Your specialty prescriptions can be filled through Accredo Specialty Pharmacy or at a network retail pharmacy.

  • Medicamentos recetados actuales
    Refill your specialty prescriptions through Accredo Specialty Pharmacy, our medical specialty provider. You can call them at 855-216-2166.
  • Nuevos medicamentos recetados
    For new specialty medications you have not taken before, have your doctor call Accredo at 800-987-4904. Your prescriptions will be filled and sent directly to your home or doctor’s office.
  • Una farmacia de venta al detalle de la red
    You may take your specialty drug prescription to any EmblemHealth pharmacy that belongs in our Specialty Pharmacy network. To confirm which pharmacies to visit, please call 888-447-7364.

Para ver una lista de farmacias de venta al detalle que participan en nuestra red de farmacias de especialidades, haga clic aquí.