Servicios de manejo de casos para las personas con enfermedades mentales graves y persistentes

Our Serious and Persistent Mental Illness Disease Management Services is designed to help members with serious mental illness and high risk of hospitalization remain engaged in treatment in the most appropriate and least restrictive settings possible. This program, delivered by master's-level clinicians, emphasizes communication with practitioners and family members, proper medication and treatment adherence, education for members and their families, access to community resources, and coordination of care. HIP members may be enrolled by calling 1-888-447-2526 / GHI members 1-800-692-2489. If your ID card has a Montefiore logo in the lower left corner, please call 1-800-401-4822 for help finding a mental health or substance abuse practitioner. For more information, please see the Health Promotion and Disease Management chapter of the EmblemHealth Provider Manual.